Technical events

DL Podcast Author Length Added
ACCA - IETA workshop: Accounting for carbon Professor Jan Bebbington
St Andrews Sustainability Institute
University of St Andrews
Pat Concessi
Andrew Howard
executive director
Goldman Sachs
David Lunsford
policy leader
Emissions Trading
Allison McManus
Emissions Trading Schemes project leader and technical manager
113mins 04 Oct 2010
Fair or Foul: Accounting and the Financial Crisis Dr Gilad Livne
Brandon Davies
Richard Martin
73mins 17 May 2010
Carbon Accounting: what accountants need to know - Part 4 Mark Bromley
Neil McIndoe
90mins 30 Apr 2010
Carbon Accounting: what accountants need to know - Part 3 Jyoti Banerjee 25mins 30 Apr 2010
Carbon Accounting: what accountants need to know - Part 2 Gordon Wilson 27mins 30 Apr 2010
Carbon Accounting: what accountants need to know - Part 1 Oliver Greenfield 38mins 30 Apr 2010
Sustainability and Business perceptions impacts and solutions Dave Owen Jessica Fries John Lelliott Mark Line Nick Barter Barney Rhys Jones 116 mins 31 Mar 2010
The role of the finance professional in leading us out of the current crisis - Final speech and Q&A Angela Knight 50mins 18 Dec 2009
Tax Knowledge: the story of opaqueness Chas Roy-Chowdhury 60mins 05 Mar 2010
Directions of accountability in not-for-profit organisations - an international perspective 120mins 14 Dec 2009
Unlocking innovation to increase capacity in public services Dr Steve Priddy
Catherine Staite
Office for Public Management (OPM)
Dr Gordon Murray
Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government (IDeA)
81mins 25 Nov 2009
The state we're in Nenad Pacek
Global Success Advisors
63mins 25 Nov 2009
The future of public sector audit Gillian Fawcett
Martin Evans
Audit Commission
Ian Trumper
Transparency International UK
Tim Gilling
The Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS)
68mins 25 Nov 2009
Carbon and green collar Dr Fabian Zuleeg
European Policy Centre
Keith Budden
Birmingham City Council
Dr Terry Tudor
University of Northampton
Chris Crookall-Fallon
110mins 25 Nov 2009
Future of UK GAAP Ian Mackintosh
Matt Blake
David Tyrrall
Chris Oatts
Richard Martin
John Tiltman
Stourton Accountancy Services
140mins 25 Nov 2009
Climate change - the state we're in Roger Adams
Chris Tuppen
Mairead McGuiness
Pavel Misiga
European Commission
120mins 25 Nov 2009