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'Now that I have achieved membership, I look forward to letting ACCA take me further'

Deloitte - Sarah-Jane McHugh, ACCA member

I graduated from NUI Galway in 2008 with a BA in Psychology and unsure of my future. I found an administration position where I discovered I really enjoyed day to day accounts work. In 2009 I moved to Dublin where I obtained a position as an accounts assistant.

Sure in my decision of accountancy, I chose to apply for student membership of ACCA as this offered the best work-life flexibility. I could sit as many or few exams as I wanted with two sittings annually, and ten years to complete all. I could also choose the order of my subjects and where to study them.

In summer 2010 I was lucky to obtain a position as a graduate audit trainee with Deloitte's SME Services. Since joining, Deloitte have provided me with specifically tailored accountancy and audit training, in addition to study assistance and study leave. I have also benefitted from the firm's focus on work-life balance.

I have worked with disparate clients including semi-state bodies, trade unions, consumer businesses, investment companies and not-for-profit organisations, where I am able to apply my knowledge and enhance my skills. Though my department is small, it is accordingly very close-knit, with assistance and support always available.

I have been lucky to have the assistance of my employer in supporting my continued progression through my exams, which I have now completed. Now that I have achieved membership, I look forward to letting ACCA take me further. I know this qualification will stand to me regardless of whether I remain in practice, move to industry, or travel abroad.

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Sarah-Jane McHugh, ACCA member

Sarah-Jane McHugh