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'I chose the ACCA Qualification as it helps to achieve my goals and expand my professional knowledge and language'

Whirlpool - Micha Benesova, ACCA student, DBS graduate

I graduated from Dublin Business School in 2011 with a BA in Accounting & Finance. I have always liked numbers and my dream was to become an accountant. Moving abroad to progress my career and study was a big challenge.

I started to work in Whirlpool in 2007 as Accounts Payable Assistant and moved up through a couple of departments to my current role as Area Accountant in general ledger. I am enjoying my current role am getting great exposure to a wide range of experience. Whirlpool has helped me grow not just professionally but also personally, improving my confidence and the standard of work I produce, while also giving me the stability and motivation to continue working towards my ACCA Qualification.

The major challenge for me is balancing work pressures with study. Trying to find life-work-college balance is never easy. Having a supportive employer can really make a difference. The study policy gives me plenty of time off, and my manager is really flexible about when I take leave.

I chose the ACCA Qualification as I believe it will help me to achieve my career goals. The great thing about the ACCA Qualification is that it is extremely practical. Finding relevance with my day job is what makes it real and interesting.

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Micha Benesova, ACCA student, DBS graduate

Micha Benesova