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'I felt ACCA could provide me with the best accountancy career'

Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon - Martin Meehan, ACCA student, Athlone IT graduate

After graduating from Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) with a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Software Engineering, I obtained a technical role with a market leading multinational telecommunications company, where I worked for a number of years before being made redundant in 2010. Earlier, in 2009, the forthcoming redundancies were announced and it was then that I decided to reassess my long term career strategy. Based on this and my interest in finance, I chose accountancy as my new career.

Having researched the accountancy profession in great depth and discussed my options with other professionals, the ACCA Qualification stood out because of its local and global reputation. The reputation of ACCA and more importantly the quality of the qualification were the key factors in my decision to choose ACCA as I felt the ACCA could provide me with the best accountancy career.

Coming from a non-business related background I did not receive any exemptions towards the ACCA Qualification and therefore have to complete all 14 ACCA exams. While this has been a long and challenging route into the accountancy profession, I am confident that many career opportunities will arise from having the ACCA Qualification.

In August 2011, I joined Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon. I applied to the firm because of their status within Ireland's top accountancy firms and the fact that they are an ACCA approved employer. Working with one of Ireland's leading mid-tier accountancy firms brings challenging opportunities that I thrive on. The range of services provided by Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon, their strong focus on career development and the possibility to work with clients from a wide range of industries is very appealing.

Within Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon, I work in the Audit & Assurance department as an audit trainee. This role has provided me with exposure to the preparation of financial statements, external audits and internal audits. The firm offers trainees a challenging environment however, there is a great support structure in place and a real "open door" policy where advice can be obtained from fellow trainees right up to partner level. The firm places great emphasis on exams and are very conscious that trainees need to prioritise their studies. To assist trainees, Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon provides an excellent training package which includes paid study/exam leave and fully paid course and exam fees.

I feel that with the ACCA and Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon, I can become a well-rounded and successful accountant.

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Martin Meehan, ACCA student, Athlone IT graduate

Martin Meehan