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'I would highly recommend ACCA to anyone looking to engage in a wide ranging career with many job opportunities'

Hertz - Alex Bendle, ACCA student

My breakthrough into finance came in 2006 when I joined Hertz UK working within a Finance Accounting and Reporting team and this enabled me to start ACCA.

I was very attracted to the ACCA Qualification due to the varied accounting principles and broad topics covered. In 2008 I joined the Hertz European Financial Shared Service Centre (HESC, Dublin) and within a short period of time I was promoted as a people manager for a team of five accountants.

Hertz is an ACCA Approved Employer and offers excellent study packages to student accountants. Working within a financial Shared Services Centre (SSC) industry also helps to promote successful career progression whilst having the opportunity to work alongside a greater pool of accounting expertise, ranging from students to fully qualified ACCA members.

In the last few months, I have taken on a new role as a Finance Training Consultant which has allowed me to diversify my talent profile. I owe my success to ACCA which has been a major contributor towards my career progression.

I would highly recommend ACCA to anybody looking to engage in a wide-ranging career with many job opportunities. ACCA offers a structured and flexible approach to support professional career development within Finance, especially the growing SSC Sectors.

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Alex Bendle, ACCA student

Alex Bendle