Sudeep Acharya
accounts officer
Aspen Medical Pty Ltd (Australia)

Sudeep chose accountancy as a career because of the access he believes it gives young professionals to a worldwide job market: 'It's like having a global employment passport,' he says. Employment prospects are excellent, as ACCA is respected all over the world. There's no qualification like ACCA, from the perspective of local accessibility and global reach - especially for people from developing countries like Nepal.'

Passing all his ACCA exams at the first attempt has been a major a highlight for Sudeep. Qualifying has given him personal confidence, as well as recognition by employers as a professional. Sudeep currently works as an auditor, where his responsibilities include planning, conducting and reporting on audit assignments for small and medium-sized companies.

Sudeep's ambition is to remain successful in his professional career while enjoying a good work-life balance. ACCA membership will be one of the critical factors: 'It's given me global recognition, local accessibility and international mobility - all at an affordable cost.'