Howard Millar
chief financial officer and deputy chief executive
Ryanair Holdings plc

Having a passion for business is what led Howard Millar to a career in accountancy. 'I felt that having an accountancy qualification was a great way for me to get involved in business and it would provide me with a unique qualification.'

Millar's determination to succeed is what inspired him to choose the ACCA Qualification. 'I believed the ACCA would deliver a broad-based qualification, as I wanted to work in industry.' It is that drive that has led Millar to achieve his current position as chief financial officer and deputy chief executive.

As a Ryanair executive, he has played a pivotal role in the company's evolution into a major European carrier and believes his background in accountancy has been a major asset. 'The ACCA Qualification has opened many doors to jobs and roles that would not have been otherwise possible without such a qualification.'

Asked what his advice would be to new trainees, Millar says 'Keep as many options open as possible and try not to specialise until you know what you really want to do.'